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24 September, 2007

India Win Cricket World Cup!!!

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If you had a technical support query today or needed help with your bank account or wanted to buy something from your favourite catalogue, you might have had some difficulty with that, I apologise. This evening was the Twenty20 World Cup Final in cricket and India were playing their arch rivals Pakistan.

You don’t have to be a native Indian or cricket fanatic to appreciate the exciting way this match ended. It came right down to the wire and the last hit by the Pakistan batsman was what we in America would call a looonnng-fly-ball, if it went out Pakistan would win, if the Indian fielder caught it, India would win – he caught it. At that moment at least 150 of the agents in the basement cafeteria of my building went absolutely nuts, there was jumping, screaming, whistling, glass was broken and I think in the chaos some boys and girls might have even hugged!

Fortunately there were a few dedicated souls upstairs still answering calls through all this but I’m sure, at our centre and hundreds like it throughout India, not nearly as many as usual. I promise we will fix that computer problem for you on your first call tomorrow.

You can read more about this phenomenon that I predict could even get Americans interested in Cricket in this New York Times article.


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