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15 June, 2007

Returning messages – a mini rant

Filed under: Rant — shamrin @ 13:12

Please forgive me this little rant about returning messages, it’s Friday and it’s been a frustrating week. I’ve been trying to push through some fairly radical (but completely necessary) organisational changes here in my company and have been meeting with, not resistance, not scepticism, not even grudging agreement, but instead a kind of spongy nothingness. This must be what purgatory feels like.

Maybe it’s that lack of reaction to my wild and crazy ideas (did I mention they they are utterly necessary?)  that has me on edge regarding returning messages. Is it just me? Was I on holiday out of the country when they changed the rules about getting back to someone who is trying to contact you? This week I contacted 3 different suppliers on 2 continents (neither of them Asia) in an effort to buy something;  in one case I am looking for some sales representation and in another a little web development. I’ve contacted each of these companies using a combination of email, phone messages, IM and web forms. None of them have even acknowledged the contact. I don’t get that. In each case I’ve made it clear that I’m a potential buyer for what they are selling.

I learned a while back that the things we don’t like in others are quite often the things we don’t like in ourselves so I’m asking myself, “am I unresponsive to people?”. Or perhaps I’m just too demanding, maybe when you call a sales organisation you shouldn’t actually expect them to get back to YOU, it’s your responsibility to pursue them until you are able to get them to sell you something. I just don’t know.

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