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21 April, 2007

Big Money in Mobile Search

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Here is an article I ripped from the New York Times (sorry NYT, but I don’t think links to past articles work). How much could be earned here in India in Mobile Search? I think this market is ripe for a quality offering in this area by someone that understands how to monetise business search. One possibility is to offer the product as a high-touch service the way many of the DQ providers in the UK provide services now. Alternatively, a company that I used to work for, Call Genie have a brilliant automation product that is even multi-lingual and would be great for India as well. For me, I think a hybrid approach would be best. (more…)


15 April, 2007

Competition & Product Differentiation I

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On our recent trip through Rajasthan, somewhere between Pushkar and Jaipur, we went through the “marble district” where they are mining, cutting and selling some absolutely beautiful marble. Were the shipping costs not so high, I would have liked to have bought a giant block or two and shipped them home. As we were dodging the lorries carrying tottering multi-tonne marble slabs, praying they would not fall over and crush us, we drove past literally hundreds of small businesses making and selling these slabs. The interesting thing to me was how many marble vendors there were and how each one looked exactly the same. If a person wanted to buy some marble, how would he choose? Or, more importantly, how would one of these vendors stand out? What if you are the 76th shop along the road? What new customer will stop in to see your product, there are 75 other suppliers ahead of you and 100 after you? (more…)

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